Principles and Innovations

Principles and Innovations From Makro İnşaat

April 2008

Opening of Turkey's first sales office with all functions under the same roof.

December 2010

Turkey's first sale of commercial units in the sector with the auction model.

September 2011

Construction of Turkey's first hobby garden housing project.

May 2015

Realization of Turkey's first “Real Estate Tent” and the first “Outlet Housing Sales Organization”.

April 2017

Turkey's first "Real Estate Certificate" traded on the stock exchange.

March 2019

Contrived Turkey's first “Earthquake Isolator Housing Project”.

June 2021

Starting Turkey's first “Holiday Village with Smart Entertainment System” project.

November 2021

Implementation of Turkey's first real estate sales system, where all end-to-end processes are completed online.

Principles and Innovations From Decovita Ceramics

February 2017

Porcelain ceramic brand with the largest variety of colors and patterns (1861 pieces) in Turkey.

September 2018

Production and registration of the world's whitest and blackest ceramics.

April 2019

Developing and launching Turkey's first Sugar Effect products with a surface scratch resistance of over 7 mohs.

August 2020

Beginning of first 3cm thick ceramic mass production in Turkey's.

Principles and Innovations From Datacasa

March 2018

Implementation of Turkey's first “Operator Independent” Tier-III Certified Data Center, with entirely domestic investment.