Message From The President

In 6 different sectors under the roof of Etra Holding; we provide services in the fields of industry, real estate, information technology, entertainment, tourism and logistics.

We have produced and will keep continue producing projects that respect nature, cities and people in line with the values that we have adopted since the first day and that we meticulously protect today.

This situation also sheds light on the realization of innovative ideas that will go beyond the ordinary and create added value for the country. We aim to expand and expand the market by focusing on new business models instead of taking share from the existing market. So much so that, together with our employees, we have succeeded in breaking new grounds and innovations in the sectors we have been in until today.

We believe that the way to qualified and sustainable growth is primarily through the value given to human beings and investments made in the field of technology to catch up with the era. We have always aimed to be at the forefront of employment for our nation and taxation for our country. We continue to produce by working hard, adding value to these lands by working with diligence and investing in the future of our country by walking towards with faith.

Ercan Uyan

Chairman of the Board of Directors